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Daily Report

Friday, July 21

The morning line was focused on walking in truth (3 John 3-4) and proclaiming the truth (Eph. 4:25). The speaking brother was burdened that the students know the truth, and that it becomes revelation to them. In this way they would not be deceived by the world but realize that the world holds nothing for them and they would give themselves to receive the love of the truth. As this truth becomes reality to each student, their living would be a testimony of Jesus Christ, and Christ would be manifested in their living as beacons of light. In the following session, the Full-Time Training in Anaheim was presented to the students. The brothers emphasized that as believers, we all have a desire to be useful to the Lord, and in order to be useful, there is a need for training. This need for training does not contradict grace and life, but rather work together for our living a proper Christian life (Titus 2:11-12). The students were encouraged to seek the Lord for His leading, and if there is the feeling to pray, “Lord, I’ll go, unless you stop me”. 

The concluding message on the evening line covered “Philadelphia—the Church of Brotherly Love”. The brother began the message by impressing the students that there are many who have dreams and aspirations for love, peace, harmony. However, the only real fulfillment of that longing is God's dream: the church, His bride. For this, God needs the recovered church as seen in Revelation 3. The brother provided a brief history of the recovery of the church, coming to the three outstanding characteristics of the church in Philadelphia: having a little power, keeping the Lord’s word, and not denying His name (v. 8). The message ended by imparting a burden into the students to aspire to be the overcomers in the church to satisfy God's heart.

  1. That the truth the students are receiving would shape their living and be what they testify and proclaim to those around them, even that the truth they speak would be in their conversation to one another. 

  2. That many would respond to the Lord to offer themselves willingly to Him, being open to consider the training, even visiting short-term, and especially those graduating ones would pray, fellowship, and apply to attend right after graduation, “wasting” their lives on Him. 

  3. That the Lord would cover and supply all the trainees to practice what they have seen and heard in the churches where they are from and begin to enter into the reality of all that was spoken to them. 

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