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Registration Information​

Before you start your application for the North America College Training (NACT) there are a few things you should know:

When can I apply?

Early registration, January 1-31, $405/person.

Normal registration, February 1 - April 15, $445/person.

Late registration, April 16 - May 15, $495/person. Registration will be closed after May 15.


You can cancel your application anytime. There will be no refunds after April 30.

Who can apply?

High school seniors graduating by summer 2023 and who will be at least 17 years old by July 16, 2023.

Current college students.

Recent college graduates.

Serving one's coming to care for the students.

International applicants must be fluent in English or Spanish.

Application requirements:

The person attending should fill out his/her own application. Do not have someone apply for you.

Only completed, submitted, and paid applications will be considered for approval.

There is NO part-time attendance. Only apply if you are able to attend the NACT full-time from July 16-22.

Payment Options

This year you can choose to make a full payment for the entire registration fee or pay in installments using a payment plan. ​You can select one of four payment plans when completing your application.

If you complete your registration and make a full payment or partial payment using a payment plan BEFORE January 31, you will be charged the early registration fee of $405.

If you complete your registration and make a full payment or partial payment using a payment plan between February 1 - April 15, you will be charged the normal registration fee of $445.

What do I need to apply?

The application process takes 15-30 minutes. If you don’t have an existing account, you will be asked to create one. Your application is auto-saved during each step in case you need to come back later to complete your application.

  1. Access to a printer/ scanner, or PDF editing software - You will need to sign documents and upload them to your application if you are a minor.

  2. Credit or debit card - Your application is only complete after electronic payment is received.

    • This year you can pay the registration fee on a payment plan. You can choose from four payment plans if you wish to use this feature. All payment plans require a 25% down payment.

  3. Health Insurance information. All trainees are required to have health coverage by July 16, 2023. (You can still submit your application if you do not have health insurance, but please be advised that you must have it by July 16, 2023.)

Cancelation Policy

You can cancel your application at any time before April 30, 2023 for a refund. A $15 fee will be collected to process a cancelation.

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