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Afternoon Group Time

Below are the videos and instructions for your morning group time.

Friday, July 21

  • Enjoy the Lord together (sing, pray, pray-read, etc).


  • Each person should complete the daily test on your app.


  • Watch the video below and follow the instructions in the video.

  • Each person should share with the group your top two highlights from this week at the NACT.


  • Go around and each one share two things that you would like to do as you return home to go on with the Lord after the college training.
    After each person shares, pray some short prayers for them.
    Consider creating a group chat with your group to help with mutual encouragement.

  • Fellowship about your impression of the practical fellowship related to the need for training. Have you been in any kind of training before?

  • Work on memory verses as you have time.

10 min

20 min

5 min

15 min

30 min

10 min

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